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Intake and Gravel Traps


Sedicon Sluicer

Removes sediments from desander, sandtraps and tunnels
The SediCon Sluicer is a gravity powered sediment removal system for desanders and tunnel sand traps of any kind.The SediCon Sluicer has no movable parts, operation is extremely simple and it can be designed for any capacity. Our largest installations can remove 25.000 ton sediments per hour.
  • High capacity and low water consumption.
  • Ideal for all desanders.
  • Does not interfere with power production.
  • Has no movable parts.
  • Removes all types of sediments
  • Environmental friendly
  • Cost saving solution
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SediCon Desander Dredge

Removes sediments from forebay and desander
The SediCon Desander Dredge operates under the same hydrosuction principle, using the difference in water level between the desander and the discharge point of the outlet pipe to pump a mixture of water and sediment out of the desander.The desander dredge moves automatically to cover the bottom area and efficiently removes all sediments.
  • Great solution for existing desanders.
  • Capable to desintegrate cohesive sediments
  • Does not interfere with power production.

Sedicon Dredge

Removes sediments from reservoir
The SediCon Dredge is a gravity powered hydrosuction system.The patented suction head ensures continuous high sediment removal capacity and low water consumption. Due to efficient jetting and unrestricted flow, the SediCon Dredge can handle a wide range of sediments; from cohesive clay and organic material to gravel and stones up to 350mm.
  • Removes all types of sediments
  • Ensures high capacity and easy operation
  • Requires low investment & operation cost
  • Does not affect reservoir operation
  • Gravity powered and environmental friendly solution
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Sedicon Gravel Excluder

Removes sediments from intake
The SediCon Gravel Excluder is a fixed system designed to remove the gravel and stones from the intake. The well-designed suction head allows the efficient suction of the large sediments carried by floods preventing the blocking of the system. Download Brochure


SediCon's core competence is sedimentation and sediment and hydraulic engineering. Our capability has enabled us to develop unique sediment handling technologies as well as to advise our clients on the actual sediment problems and needed solutions.
  • Sedimentation studies
  • Reservoir sediment analysis
  • Desilting basin optimisation
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About Us

SediCon has supplied sediment removal solutions to hydropower projects since 2000.

Through a range of projects all over the world SediCon’s technologies have verified its unmatched reliability, high capacity and low water consumption

Our Vision

To be the World leading provider of environmentally friendly sediment handling solutions and solve the customers problems by supplying the most cost-effective equipment and services.