Winkeltal HPP

Client Gemeinder Ausservilgraten & INFRA project Development Gmb
Location Winkeltal river, Austria 46.820211, 12.461095 Route66
Scope Of Work River carries a heavy sediment load in spring, due to snow melting.
Schedule 2016

Project Detail


2.6 MW, Run-of-River, Completed on 2017 Annual production of 11.1 GWh The head is 208m and discharge is 1.5 m3/.

Solution: New desander configuration; from two to one basin desander. Sluicer size: Ø355, no. of sluicers: 1 Capacity of 30 m3 sand and gravel per hour and 400 l/s water consumption. Max stone size: 64 mm

Implementation: The SediCon Sluicer was installed in 10 days by SediCon specialist with some local assistance. No embedded parts required.

Results: Delivered per schedule, less than 5 months after contract signing.  Specially designed components to reduce head losses.


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