Upper Dordi A HPP

Client Liberty Energy Company Ltd.
Location Dordi Khola, Lamjung District, Nepal
Scope Of Work Dordi Khola is a perennial and snow fed river that has a total drainage of 300 km2. Sediments carried by this river contain a high average content of quartz that can affect turbines.
Schedule 2016

Project Detail


25 MW, Run-of-River, Annual production of 138 GWh, Net head is 300 m and discharge is 9,8 m3/s.  One 90 m long and 16 m wide desanders.


Solution: SediCon re-designed the original 2 basin-desanders, proposing a single basin desander with three SediCon Sluicers. The design will allow sediment removal with a water consumption of 5m3 of water per m3 sediments. The SediCon Sluicers will have a combined capacity of up to 2.000ton of sediments per hour.


Implementation: Installation of SediCon Sluicers is expected for early 2018.


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