Rubagabaga HPP

Client Afritech / Autonom AS
Location Rubagabaga River, Rwanda 1°43’39’’S and 29°37’31’’E
Scope Of Work Rubagabaga may not be a big river but it may easily carry as much as 100 000 ton sediments per year. Much of the sediments are coarse bed load and design of the intake is a major challenge.
Schedule 2015

Project Detail


400 kW, Run-of-River, commisioned during 2018. Annual production of 2,8 GWh, Net head is 65 m and has a designed discharge of 0,7 m3/s.

Solution: SediCon will supply one SediCon Sluicer for the 4m wide and 15m long desander.  The SediCon Sluicer will discharge into a collection basin where sand can be extracted for construction purposes.

Implementation: SediCon is planning to supply SediCon Sluicer during 2018.

Results: Based on experience from previous projects SediCon expect that the SediCon Sluicer will have a capacity of 200 ton sand per hour, and it will be capable of removing particles up to 50 mm.


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