Planta Hidroeléctrica La Garita

Client Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad
Location Costa Rica
Scope Of Work Annually an estimate of 100 000 m2 sediments deposit in the reservoir. At present sediment deposits occupy 300 000 m3 reservoir volume, of which 50% is in the live storage. Peak tariff is 5 times higher than night tariff, therefore valuable production capacity is lost. Sediments are old, fine and cohesive, and contain a large amount of organic material.
Schedule 2011

Project Detail


40 MW, 500 000 m3 reservoir of La Garita HPP, commissioned in 1958
Annual production of 115 GWh, La Garita HPP takes the water from Grande River at elevation 470 masl and has a free flow water way of approximately 6 km into Cebadilla
Reservoir, which is made off-stream.

Implementation: The dredge was operated from June to August 2011.

Results: The water jetting combined with gravity powered suction was able to remove cohesive sediments at a rate of up to 120 m3 per hour.

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