Planta Hidroeléctrica Cuyamel

Client COHCUY (Compañia Hidroeléctrica Cuyamel S.A.) former HECO.
Location Frio river, Municipality of San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Scope Of Work The tunnel sand trap at Cuyamel is the only sediment removal facility of the power plant. Conventional flushing of the desander would involve dewatering of the tunnel and siphon, together with flushing and meticulously refilling to prevent trapped air in the siphon.
Schedule 2006-2007

Project Detail


7 MW, run of river, commissioned in 2007. Annual production of 22.7 GWh, net head is 133 m and discharge is 7 m3/s. At the beginning of the 525 m long headrace tunnel there’s a 53 m long and 4.5 m wide pressurized desander.

Implementation: SediCon has delivered two SediCon Sluicers, that allows sediment removal from the pressurized desander without dewatering the tunnel or interrupting the water supply. Each SediCon Sluicer discharges through a separate outlet pipe that are controlled by a valve at the end of the outlet tunnel.

Results: In addition to reduced time and water consumption, the design became less costly as the flushing tunnel was replaced with a much shorter outlet tunnel. The system has been activated several times during rainy season and a few times during dry season.

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