Location Mexico
Scope Of Work Supply of a SediCon Ejector Dredge to recover lower intake gates.
Schedule 2021

Project Detail


Necaxa reservoir has been in operation since 1905 and feeds the Necaxa Hydroelectric System, with a capacity of 199 MW.

Implementation:  SediCon delivered equipment capable of disintegrating clays with an undrained shear strength of up to 160 kPa. The equipment operates with a water ejector system, capable of removing material up to 200 mm and relocating it at 200 m. The SediCon Ejector Dredger was successfully installed and commissioned between November and December 2021.

Results: The tests carried out during commissioning gave very good results. During site acceptance tests (SAT), dredging rates greater than 80 m3/hour were measured. Sediment suction is driven by a 132 kW power pumping system. The water injection system, capable of disintegrating material with an undrained shear strength of 160 kPa, uses equipment with a power of 264 kW.

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