Nagoro Reservoir

Client Shikoku Electric Power Co. Inc. (YONDEN)
Location Shikoku Island, Japan
Scope Of Work Over the years, sediments and debris has settled in front of the bottom gate. The sediments have become compacted and prevented operation of the gate. As there are strong fishing interests in the river downstream, sediments cannot be discharged freely.
Schedule 2008

Project Detail

1.3 MW, the reservoir is less than one km long.
Height 37m, Crest length 119.4 m and dam volume of 45.000 m3.
The catchment area is 21.2 km2 and the reservoir capacity is 1.367.000m2.

Implementation: SediCon AS and its partners in Japan, Khowa Engineering Co., developed and manufactured a SediCon Dredge with a jetting/cutting system capable of disingrating sediments and debris. The dredge is powered by an ejector which prevents blocking and enables internal shifting of sediments.

Results: Successful shifting of sediments from the bottom gate to inside a silt fence in a safe area in the reservoir.

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