Khimti Power Plant

Client Himal Power Limited
Location Khimti Khola, Nepal
Scope Of Work Thick sediment deposits in the expansion zone of the desilting basins has prevented operation of the main flushing system. Manual excavation and flushing have been frequently required.
Schedule 2010

Project Detail


60 MW, Run-of-River, exploits 680 m of head on Khimti Khola.
Annual production of 350 GWh, nearly 15% of Nepal’s electricity.

Implementation: The SediCon Sluicers were commissioned in September 2010.

Results: Total capacity of the system was measured to 3 000 m3 sediment deposits per hour. On average, 5 m3 water was required to remove 1 m3 sediments. Flushing discharge per SediCon Sluicer is 1,0 m3/s.

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