Indrawati III HPP

Client National Hydro Power Company Ltd.
Location Nepal 27°53'05.04"N 85°36'50.76"E
Scope Of Work Indrawati-III was facing severe sediment deposition in the existing desilting tanks, especially during monsoon periods as heavy silt is brought by the river. This led to closing of the power plant to clean the chambers.
Schedule 2016

Project Detail


7.5 MW, Run-of-River Annual production of 50 GWh, Net head is 65 m and discharge is 14 m3/s.

SediCon supplied two SediCon Sluicers in the existing desilting tanks to remove the sediments that gets settled.

Implementation: SediCon provided design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning services for the incorporation of the SediCon Sluicer system in the desander.

Results: The SediCon Sluicers were installed in April 2017, before the monsoon season.

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