Hidroeléctrica El General

Client Hidroenergía del General S.R.L.
Location Sarapiquí, Costa Rica 10°12'13.3"N 83°56'05.0"W
Scope Of Work As the reservoir is used to produce energy during peak hours, it is subjected to daily drawdowns, causing compaction of the sediments. There’s a relatively thin layer of sediments spread over a flat bottom, which makes the dredging more time consuming.
Schedule 2014

Project Detail


40 MW, Run-of-River, commissioned 2006 Annual production of 198GWh, Net head is 246 m and discharge is 18,5 m3/s.  Hourly peaking reservoir with a total capacity of 225.000m3. 2×19.5MW Francis turbines

Solution: SediCon supplied a SediCon Dredge and to increase capacity the motion of the raft was motorized, but still conserving the same concept; a simple and light, but yet a highly efficient dredge using gravity as driving force.

Implementation: SediCon finished dredging in December 2015.

Results: The SediCon Dredge removed 18.000m3 sediments.


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