Delarok HPP

Location Zab River, Iraq 37°4'17.12"N 43°39'28.88"E
Scope Of Work It is estimated that 920 000 ton sediments will deposit annually in the stilling basin. The sediment deposit will vary in intensity and grain size. Sediment deposition will be most intense upstream, with more coarse sediments than what deposits downstream.
Schedule 2016

Project Detail


37.6 MW, Run-of-River, planned to be commissioned in 2019. The stilling basin will be 80m long and 4 m x 11 m wide. Design head is 18m and total discharge is 240 m3/s.  2 no. of 18.8 MW Kaplan turbines, 4 stilling basins.

Solution: SediCon will supply a total of 16 SediCon Sluicer systems for Deralok Hydropower Plant. 12 SediCon Sluicers in the stilling basin (3 SediCon Sluicers in each of the 4 sedimentation basins) and 4 SediCon Sluicers in the headrace channel.

Implementation: The installation is planned to start in 2018.


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