Central Hidroeléctrica Doña Julia

Client O&M Eléctrica Matamoros SA
Location Puerto Viejo River, Costa Rica
Scope Of Work Over the last 12 years 60.000m3 sediments has accumulated in the reservoir. The sediments consist of mainly sand and silt, but also a substantial amount of debris and organic material like grass, twigs and branches.
Schedule 2012

Project Detail


18,5 MW, Run-of-River power plant
The power plant has a 220.000 m3 reservoir for daily storage, of which 40.000 m3 is dead storage and 180.000 m3 is useful volume.
2×9,3 MW Francis turbines..

Implementation: The dredge was mobilized autumn 2012 and finalized its original scope one year later. The dredge has continued to remove additional incoming sediments beyond what was foreseen in the contract.

Results: More than 60.000 m3 sediments were removed to the client’s satisfaction..

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