Central Hidroeléctrica Coca Codo Sinclair

Client Sinohydro Ltd & Coca Codo Sinclair Ltd
Location 100 km east of Quito, Ecuador 0°11’56.30 S and 77°40’52.97 W
Scope Of Work Engineering, BuildingThe river carries several million tons of sediments annually. The intake pond has practically no sediment storage capacity and the eight desanders are required to remove the sediments.
Schedule 2014

Project Detail


1500 MW, Run-of-River, finished 2017 Annual production of 8.6 TWh, Net head is 604 m and discharge is 220 m3/s.

Solution: SediCon supplied 40 fully independent SediCon Sluicers for the eight desanders, five in each. The SediCon Sluicers discharges into the bypass channel for a minimum flow release.  Five echo sounders in each desander give full information about sediment levels and the discharge gates can be operated remotely or from a local control room.
Implementation: SediCon finished the installation of the SediCon Sluicers and its monitoring system during the first half of 2016.
Results: The SediCon Sluicers were installed in 2015-2016, and 20 SediCon Sluicers have been successfully operating since July 2016. The remaining 20 SediCon Sluicers were commissioned winter 2016/2017.


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