Central Chacabuquito

Client Power plant owned and operated by Colbún SA.
Location Los Andes, Region V: Valparaíso, Chile 32°51'30.0"S 70°30'22.6"W
Scope Of Work River originated in highest mountain of America, consisting of a glaciers that produce high sediment transport, promoted by steep slopes and uncovered surface. Sediment transport highest during summer when snow melting also produces highest floods. Historically sediments are removed from forebay using mechanical equipment during power plant stop.
Schedule 2016

Project Detail


Chacabuquito HPP is the lowest plant on Aconcagua river basin starting at nearly 7,000 masl. 29 MW Run of river power plant.

Solution: SediCon provided a sediment removal equipment for existing forebay working as a siphon over spillway. Suction head is operated from travelling crane also supplied as part of SediCon’s contract. Contract capacity is 20 m3/hour, however, during initial tests much higher figures were achieved.

Implementation: Entire SediCon Sediment Removal System was installed during Dec. 2016 – Jan. 2017.  No embedded parts were required for installation and minimum interference with normal power plant operation, which made it easy to implement.

Results: Project was designed, manufactured and installed according to schedule within 7 months from contract signing.  Components were specifically designed with hydrodynamic shape to adapt to high water velocity. Deepest sediment deposits are located below outlet level, and still can be removed using SediCon equipment during normal operation


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