Banja HPP

Client Devoll Hydropower Sh.A (DHP)
Location Albania
Scope Of Work Large parts of the catchment area consist of extremely weak and highly weathered rock and Devoll River carries millions of tons of sediments annually.
Schedule 2015

Project Detail


70 MW, commissioned on September 2016
Annual production of 250 GWh, Net head is 79 m and discharge is 103 m3/s.
The reservoir has a surface area of about 16 km2 and a storage capacity of approximately 390 million m3.

Implementation: The outlet pipe was successfully pulled through the casing pipe under the dam early 2016. The SediCon Dredge is foreseen to be commissioned when the power plant is ready for operation.

Results: A close cooperation between the owner, the consultants and SediCon has resulted in an innovative and unique design that enables reservoir operation for future generations.

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