Our Team


SediCon’s core competence is sedimentation and sediment and hydraulic engineering.  Our capability has enabled us to develop unique sediment handling technologies. By developing and owning unique and patented sediment handling technologies we are able to design and supply sediment handling equipment and services to most Hydropower plants. 

Our Vision

To be the World leading provider of environmentally friendly sediment handling solutions and solve the customers problems by supplying the most cost-effective equipment and services.

Meet The Team

Tom Jacobsen
Technical Director, Norway

PhD focused in sediment management with over 20 years of experience solving sediment-related problems in hydropower plants and offshore business. The master mind behind our technologies.

Hunting and skiing enthusiast.

Pål Figenschou
General Manager, Norway

Graduated in military studies specialized in leadership, also with several civil studies in operational risk management, management of change, human factors that affect risk management and organizational studies.

Everyone should try his homemade beer.

Elisabeth Midtflå
Project Leader, Norway

Mechanical Engineer with experience as designer, discipline lead, prefabrication coordinator and offshore field engineer. She is involved in the design, quality control and delivery of SediCon systems.

She knows the best hiking places.

Oddmund Tveit
Operation Manager, Norway

Mechanical Engineer from the Academy Kongsberg Ingeniørskole. In charge of operations and commissioning of SediCon’s projects, also involved with SediCon’s sister company in offshore field.

Never a dull day with him.

Alberto Jiménez
Regional Director Latin America

MSc in Hydropower Development with experience as teacher and design studies for a number of small-medium hydropower projects. Project and Quality Assessment Manager for SediCon.

Always up for a dessert.

Javier Zamora
Project Engineer, Costa Rica

MSc in Hydropower Development. He has been working with SediCon as a Project Engineer since 2010, being involved in the design, delivery and installation of SediCon Systems in different projects.

Ask him for film recommendations.

Enoc Araya
Project Engineer, Costa Rica

Construction Engineer from Costa Rica Institute of Technology. He has been working with SediCon as Project Engineer since 2016, being involved in the design and installation of SediCon Systems.

Always finding the best coffee.

Eduardo Gamboa
Technician, Costa Rica

Industrial pipeline technician with a wide experience and hands-on attitude. He has been working with SediCon since 2012, supervising and improving SediCon systems in Latin America.

He also owns a bakery.