SediCon News 2023

Our news page has been quiet for a while, but that does not mean that things happens. Quite the opposite, we are as busy  as ever! Here is a short summary of lasts years main events in SediCon:


December 2022

The Boulder Excluder at Tysso Brook intake at Ulvik Hydro Power plant (our pilot project and the very first Boulder Excluder in the world) handled a 100-year flood with bravura! The Boulder suffered no harm and maintained the intake completely clean and free sediments, down to the very sill.


January 2023 

SediCon Dredge for Tinguiririca in Chile was commissioned and put into operation. The hydrosuction dredge work on two reservoirs – outlet siphons and suction pipes are permanently installed while the dredge is movable between reservoirs. The dredge is delivered with remote and automatic operation and an FMU (Flow Monitoring Unit) records discharge of water and sediments and assists operation.


April 2023

Within a few weeks SediCon designed manufactured a. Shipped a 200 mm Hydrosuction Dredge for removing sediments from the tunnel sand trap at Veiski small Hydro in northern Norway. The tunnel sand trap is accessible to workers only through a 600 mm access and the aviable head for the siphon is limited. Once tuned the system worked impressively and is considered for permanent installation.


June 2023

The worlds first commercially supplied Boulder excluder was installed and tested at Nyastølbekken Brook intake at Ulla Førre in south western Norway. The 7100 mm boulder excluder works completely automatically and will only operate when discharge exceeds the design capacity of the Brook intake. 


July 2023

SediCon signed contract with Sira Kvina Kraftselskap for supply of SediCon Sluicers for the tunnel sand trap at Tonsdag Power Plant. Four SediCon Sluicers will remove sediments from the downstream part of the 180 m long desander, preventing resuspension and turbine damage. SediCon will supply conceptual design of desanders, SesiCon Sluicers, in-house designed traffic capacity stainless steel grating and 33 m hardox outlet pipe to be embedded in a drilled hole out of the desander.


September 2023

SediCon installed the Gravel Excluder at Stubli Small Hydropower Plant just south of Narvik in Northern Norway. The Power plant has a shark-cage intake that has frequently been blocked by gravel. The Gravel Excluder has two inlets and does take any water from power production. Instead it used excess water that otherwise spills over the dam to remove the gravel. As for all of our boulder excluders operation is fully autonomous, but additional operation is applying vacuum is also possible 


September 2023

The boulder Excluder at Nova Brook Intake at Brattsverk Kraftverk in Mid-Norway was installed in a deep gorge without road and without helicopter (to to overhead power line) Instead, a mobile timber winch was used to haul the one-ton components down the 100m deep gorge and manoeuvre them in place. The 1000 mm Boulder Excluder operates fully autonomously when excess water is spilling over the dam and is capable of removing boulders up to 800 mm.


October 2023

We have completed upgrade of our 11-year old HydroSuction dredge at El Canada in Guatemala. After having removed more than a million m3 sediments and saved thousand of tons of CO2 emissions, the dredge has received a new raft, suction hoses and FMU (flow monitoring unit) The in-house designed FMU measures velocity and concentration in challenging 3-phase conditions, as addition to water and sediments there are gas from organic deposits.


October 2023

SediCon participates at Hydro 2023. We will present our project Necaxa in Mexico where we have dredges 16 m thick clay deposits in front of a nearly 120 year old intake. Our stand has as usual a working model, this year of a boulder excluder. Visit us at stand #222!!