SediCon Dredge selected to be the best solution in a Study Case

Bluegrass Water Consultants (BWC), from the University of Cincinnati, evaluated different solutions for sediment handling in a drinking water utility located in Kentucky, USA, concluding that the SediCon Dredge is the best alternative.

The project has two reservoirs at their main treatment plant with a storage capacity of app. 318,000 m3, to produce an average of 200,000 m3 of drinking water per day. However, an estimated sediment accumulation of 110,000 tons in the reservoir has caused significant loss in storage capacity.

The SediCon Dredge was compared with other sediment management alternatives like aeration, conventional dredging, concrete weirs for reservoir partitioning, Lamella plate settle ring, and periodic draining and excavating. The alternatives were compared by cost, performance, operation, neighborhood impact, lifecycle, and proven effectiveness, finding that the SediCon Dredge is the best solution.

Moreover, BWC continued the work on determining how to implement the SediCon Dredge with the existing infrastructure at the treatment plant, for which, a customizable Excel model to optimize such integration was developed.

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