Intake tower recovery at Necaxa Dam

SediCon is currently developing a new Ejector Dredge for the recovery of several gates of the intake tower in Necaxa reservoir. Our engineers did a site visit last week, to assess the conditions at site and ensure a proper design capable of facing all the challenges of the project.

The reservoir is located on the old town of Necaxa, and it is part of a set of power plants that make up the Necaxa Hydroelectric System. The Necaxa Hydroelectric System is composed by the Necaxa HPP, Tepexic HPP and Patla HPP; with a total installed capacity of 205 MW. The original storage capacity of the reservoir is 51 Mm3. However, the reservoir has been in operation since 1905, suffering a significant accumulation of sediments, that is now blocking two gates.

The Ejector Dredge that is under development will be performing two main tasks: Relocation of 50,000 m3 of sediments blocking the gates and removal of sediments inside the intake tower. The Ejector dredge will have a capacity of at least 25 m3/hour of sediment removal, it would be able to transport sediments of 200 mm diameter up to 200 m away. Besides. It will have a sediment disintegration system capable of breaking up to 160 kPa of shear strength. The system will include a specialized suction head to dredge inside the tower.

The system is expected to start operation during May 2020.

Necaxa intake during site visit.