SediCon Sluicers at Winkeltal HPP, Austria

Just recently, 9th of September, SediCon finalised installation of the SediCon Sluicer at Winkeltal power plant in the picturesque Tirol in Southern Austria. The power plant is built by the local community Gemeinder Ausservilgraten in cooperation with INFRA Project Development GmbH. The 2,6 MW run-of-river power plant utilises a head of 208 m on the Winkeltal river. The desander is 2,8 m wide by 21,5 m long, and the discharge of the power plant is 1,50 m3/s. The power plant is expected to be on-line spring 2017.

The SediCon Sluicer technology allows sediment removal from desanders without interrupting power production. It has no movable parts except the outlet valve and allows intermittent sediment removal with a very low water consumption. Sediments are sucked into slotted pipes and through a connection unit, which ensures a flow of balance yet high concentration of sediments. The SediCon Sluicers are operated merely by opening the outlet valve, which is the only movable part of the system. The valve can be closed and open at any time, but normally the valve will be open until all sediments are removed. Power production are not affected by the sediment removal as water for production can pass unhindered throughout the flushing process.

The entire SediCon Sluicer system at Winkeltal was installed in little more than a week by one specialist from SediCon and local assistants from time to time. No embedded parts are required for the installation, which makes it easy to implement in new desanders. As SediCon Sluicers have been applied to 1500 MW power plants, the installation at Winkeltal demonstrates that the SediCon Sluicer technology is applicable to all sizes of hydro power plants.